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2021: A fresh page in your life

I always wondered if everyone felt New years day was something special and for sometime I assumed it was.

Later to learn that people actually went to work on New years Day. I thought how bad, but they really felt it was important. And some even loved the idea.

To me I have grown to understand that it means different things to different people. 

2020 was not as spectacular a year that a lot of people hoped it would be. It was quite flat and even disastrous to many.

So What's so special about 2021?

I don't know the answer to this question. But I must say that I choose to live it differently. I recently shared my idea about resorting to commitments and not resolutions for the New year. Check it here!

I think hope is something that drives the future. It helps us motivate and push ourselves to achieve better.

So, I think 2021 is special because to some of us it is an opportunity to push things in a different direction. To improve our lives and those of others.

It's an opportunity to work on ourselves and our goals. It is a space where dare to fulfill our dreams.

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