Dreams and Being an Educational Creator

Independent Educationist is a good career option

My Experience as an Educator

I think an important aspect of being an Educator is helping students realize their potential. 

A lot of times it can easy to mistaken Educationist for only an imparter of knowledge and ideas. 

For many, the latter may not be even true. 

But from experience I know being an Educator entails much more than just delivery of good content or an interesting syllabus.

Healthy Enquiry is an important part of being an Educator

As an Educator, we also have research and healthy Enquiry as a good part of our work life. 

For me, it has always been important to help my students pick up soft learning tools and habits. 

I believe this will help them master a field and make their careers a fulfilling affair.

Delivering Knowledge, Building Dreams

For many Education is a means to achieve some of our Dreams and maybe even fantasy careers. 

Interacting with people over a Lecture or even private Coaching helps deliver knowledge but also helps me be a part of something much bigger. 

Fulfilling a person's life goals.

My Recent Article

Powerful ideas to help you achieve your dreams

Recently I wrote this article on how to achieve our Dreams. 

One thing is studying well and working hard, but there are many factors that help us in materializing or realizing our Dreams. 

This article covers the most important aspect of the process (Goal achievement).

Strategies are important

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