Exploring New ideas, The Art of Not Trying

I always wondered what did Bruce Lee mean when he said, "Be like water". It sounded a bit odd to me.

So thought of the properties of water, like it takes the different shapes and is in different forms. I was kind of content with the meaning.

I recently came across some ideas from Lao Tzu. I must confess to me it was just another religion or maybe philosophy.

But the ideas are quite beautiful. I must give credit where credit is due. There is this YouTuber sharing beautiful ideas on Motivation.

I found some insightful videos on Taoism. I think there is a lot to learn from different cultures and communities, one could say different faiths as well.

We may not identify with everything, but I am sure many of us would like to hold on to valuable Truths and ideas.

Here is the video I found interesting, I hope you find it interesting too. This is not a promotion of any kind, it is just my way of supporting content creators I love.

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Wish you a Happy Sunday!


Check the video here