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Here is Good News! This is a sign to start something new

Yes, You can Start your new Side hustle


How you doing? I just had to write this email and let you know.

If you had this great idea that you wanted to try or this side hustle you were thinking of, This is the day you must begin.

There is this great platform that is well respected and really powerful. It makes a lot of things easy for new Business owners.

The Best part is they have removed their Monthly charges on their premium accounts. So now all accounts are premium.

Here is a breakdown of why this is Awesome. Before I tell you the plus points. The name of the Platform is Gumroad.

These are my Reasons for why I like them,

Reason#1 No monthly Commitments

This is great cause you can use their service and get premium features you really need to drive your business.

Reason#2 Less Tax headaches

Taxes are great but when you sell online your customers come from different places. Along with the support also comes the taxes. Gumroad takes the Burden off from you. They deal with the numerous Tax remittances you would have to deal with. Phew, I researched the various solutions and they are one of the Better solutions available.

Reason#3 One less Plugin or Widget on your Website

Plugins on your website can be useful and necessary. But I do think they can slow your website too. (If I am wrong I am sharing what I understand). Gumroad deals with Hosting your product, Dealing with memberships and even delivering Video Content. The Best part is it is free.

What about the Charges? 

They have a clear cut pricing Plan. They charge a Transaction fee depending on the Lifetime Sale. If your Lifetime Sale value is more, You pay less. I think this is an opportunity. You can sign up by using my Referral link.



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