How to write Affirmations that you can use daily?

Life is fun and for you to enjoy

You must read in my latest post how Affirmations have helped me. Check the article here. I must say this simple exercise has tremendous benefits.

But how do we write it. There are simple ways. I list some of these ways in my article.

Let me share them with you.

Some tips to write your own Gratitude Statement:

Step 1: Write it in the 1st Person.

Step 2: You could begin the statement with 'I am'.

Step 3: Avoid using negative statements or words.

Step 4: Write them down.

Step 5: Read them aloud to yourself.

Each of these steps will help you build a Self Confident and motivated person in you. 

Build a New habit daily. This one can really pull you out of your comfort zone and it is fun to practice.

So Let me leave with this question. 

How did you motivate yourself today?

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