Papu can't dance sala... How to dance and why content creation can be both easy and difficult?

If you can't do something, First Learn and then Practice it

As a Child I loved watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk. It inspired my interest in dancing. I would watch people and observe them dance.

I tried practicing and dancing for different social occasions. It was not my passion, but just my interest. I will discuss the difference in some other post.

On a summer vacation while in Goa, I joined a dancing class. I learnt different kinds of dance styles. But I just stuck with just dancing the waltz.

So why am I telling you this story? I am trying parallel it with content creation. Initially we are attracted to may be blogging, creating memes or short video and even may be video editing etc.

But it is important to understand the difference between Interest and passion. Do we want to just learn something to use it as tool for leisure or do we want to make it a life choice.

Something that drives us back to our desks back to work. As a creator we may face creative blocks but the passion and dedication to the art of creating is what is important.

We must use our time not just to create but also to explore other mediums and opportunities.

Understanding the difference between passion and interest is important

In conclusion, I think it is also about the desire and seeing the value of what you want to pursue.

I would like to end by saying, If you can't do something, First Learn and then Practice it

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