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Here is Good News! This is a sign to start something new

Hey Chris, Where did you disappear?

2021 goals need urgent action!

2021 another chance to achieve that goal or project

Grief and death are a part of our Human experience

Be Safe, Wear a Mask, Sanitize your hands...

Hope this finds you in good health...

How to write Affirmations that you can use daily?

Papu can't dance sala... How to dance and why content creation can be both easy and difficult?

A fresh year, a fresh hope, Moment to start a fresh

Exploring New ideas, The Art of Not Trying

New Life...New Beginnings

Awareness is a tool and a great Habit

Creating is in our DNA

4 Blogging sites that inspire me

Learning New Skills as an Educator

You are a Creator...Gumroad is awesome

Building Businesses with Positive Feedback

Busy, Busy and very Busy...3 Resources I created last month

EQ gives you an Edge, Makes you a better Leader

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Time vs Timing

Stay at Home warrior...In it together 😷

Taking Small Steps and how it can help you build a part time career... An Inspiring quote

Staying at home...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Entrepreneurship is not a buzzword...😘

Dreams and Being an Educational Creator

Chris is on Gumroad

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